It is very simple. The first step is to contact us with the size of the rug you require and we will take it from there. Any style, shape and colour scheme is viable. Before starting the actual rug, you would receive a "strike-off" - a small sample of the actual rug for approval. Only after your approval does the rug proceed to weaving.

The rugs are hand knotted in Nepal by my skilled weavers. The gauges we use vary from 80-120 knots per square inch. We use the finest Tibetan wool and can add silk in varying percentages to give a luxurious, soft feeling underfoot. Each process is done by hand and my weavers are members of Step - the organisation that guarantees fair working conditions in the carpet trade.

We do not have a range of rugs to sell, rather we make them bespoke for each client. The designs on my site are indications of what can be done. However, if you like a particular design on the site, we can make it for you.